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EDITORS: San Francisco State University offers a wide array of knowledgeable faculty experts for the campaign season. S.F. State political experts can provide timely analysis on topics such as ethnic voting trends, the Internet and campaigning, and San Francisco's district elections and propositions. For additional assistance in locating a political expert, call Ted DeAdwyler of the S.F. State Public Affairs Office at (415) 338-7110.

African American voters

Robert Smith, professor of political science. Areas of expertise: The African American vote in California and across the country, and African American politics. Smith is the author of nine books on African American leadership and politics. His works include "Race, Class and Culture: A Study in Afro-American Mass Opinion" and "Contemporary Controversies and the American Racial Divide."

Smith can be reached at (415) 338-7524 or (510) 222-7273; e-mail -

Asian American voters

Grace Yoo, assistant professor of Asian American Studies. Areas of expertise:Asian American voting patterns in California and national elections. Yoo is an expert on the impact of welfare reform in Asian American immigrant communities.

Yoo can be reached at (415) 388-3491 or (415) 759-1180; e-mail -

California's Proposition 38 (school vouchers)

Ruth Love, professor of educational administration and interdisciplinary studies, and Black Studies. Areas of expertise: school vouchers, school reform and multicultural education. Love has been superintendent of school systems in Oakland and Chicago.

Love can be reached at (415) 338-1411; e-mail -

California's Proposition 39 (school bonds)

Jack Osman, professor of economics. Areas of expertise: Public financing of schools in California and the economics of education. Osman, who has been chair of the economics department, has followed public opinion and school bond measures in California.

Osman can be reached at (415) 338-1116; e-mail -

Debates and speeches

Joe Tuman, professor of speech and communication studies. Areas of expertise: Political debates and speeches, campaign rhetoric and analysis of political communication. Tuman, who has a law degree from Boalt Hall, is a frequent commentator on political speeches and debates.

Tuman can be reached at (415) 338-1813 or (510) 834-2294;e-mail -

The Internet and campaigning

Gary Selnow, professor of business analysis and computing systems. Areas of expertise: the role of technology in political campaigns and the effects of technology on political reporting. Selnow is the author of the book "High Tech Campaigns" and is writing a book on the current campaign tentatively titled "Through Washington's Back Door: Political Uses of the Internet by Non-Political Groups."

Selnow can be reached at (415) 338-6084 or (415) 728-2828;

Latino voters

Teresa Carrillo, associate professor of La Raza Studies. Areas of expertise: Latino voting patterns in California, Latino political candidates, and U.S.-Mexico relations. Carrillo teaches courses on the contemporary Latino community and political institutions.

Carrillo can be reached at (415) 338-3028; e-mail -

National politics

David Tabb, professor of political science. Areas of expertise: National politics, polling, voting patterns, and the media and campaign coverage. Tabb is the co-author of three books on minorities and urban politics, including "Racial Politics in American Cities."

Tabb can be reached at (415) 338-2736 or (510) 525-0890; e-mail -

Religion and politics

Gerard Heather, professor of political science. Areas of expertise: The role of religion in politics, ethics in politics, political philosophy, and national politics.

Heather can be reached at (415) 338-1019 or (415) 584-1387; e-mail -

San Francisco's district elections and propositions

Rich DeLeon, professor of political science. Expertise: San Francisco politics, public opinion polling and the demographics of the San Francisco Bay Area. DeLeon is the author of the book "Left Coast City: Progressive Politics in San Francisco, 1975-1991."

DeLeon can be reached at (415) 338-7526 or (415) 581-4472; e-mail -

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