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Need Expert Sources for Olympics Coverage?

From the biomechanics of swimming to gender issues in sports, experts from San Francisco State's kinesiology department are available to discuss the physical, psychological and cultural aspects of athletic competition.

Dr. Robert Schleihauf, Assoc. Prof.- Hydrodynamics and Swimming Biomechanics

Worked with coaching staff of 1984 and 1988 U.S. Olympic swim teams. Research focuses on assessing efficiency of movement using computer monitoring and analysis. Can discuss biomechanics of all sports, but specializes in swimming.

Office Phone: 338-1995 Home Phone: (650) 359-7457 E-mail:

Dr. Steve Evans, Prof. - Exercise Physiology

Evans can discuss the physiology of exercise and training, and the use of ergonomic aids and substances to enhance physical performance.

Office Phone: 338-2186 Home Phone: (650) 345-4216 E-mail:

Dr. Susan Zieff,Asst.Prof. - History and Culture of Sports; Women in Sports

Areas of interest include: nationalism in sports, particularly the media's emphasis on it;historical perspectives of sports, including myths surrounding "amateurism" in the Olympics; sociological influences of participating in elite sports; and women in sports,from the historical to the modern perspective.

Office Phone: 338-6574 Home Phone: (415) 824-7437 E-mail:

Dr.Mi-Sook Kim,Asst.Prof. - Sport and Exercise Psychology

Kim studies how athletes cope with stress, including performance pressure, and how this stress-coping process is linked to resources available to them. She also studies how societal values and norms influence an athlete's pursuit of sports.

Office Phone: 405-0478 Home Phone: (415) 587-4386 E-mail:

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