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SFSU to add at least 1,500 seats in high-demand classes

by end of school year

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 8, 2000 - San Francisco State University has added 713 seats in various high-demand general education courses this semester and plans to add at least 750 more next semester, in response to research showing that students want more of such classes.

"Adding these extra seats helps enable our students to take the courses they want and need as well as graduate more quickly," said Jerald Combs, SFSU dean of undergraduate studies pro tem. "Next semester, we hope to add even more classes that will help students satisfy their general education and major requirements."

The university added 28 sections of lower-division classes in math, English and U.S. Constitution for a total of 713 new seats. The university recommended to the college deans that resources for the additional sections be derived by canceling courses with enrollments that fall below CSU minimum standards.

Combs said the university plans to add 28 sections of the same high-demand general education courses for the spring 2001 semester, creating an additional 750 seats. SFSU also hopes to create more seats next semester by adding upper-division sections of various major courses.

The fourth largest campus in the 23-campus California State University system, SFSU is a highly diverse, comprehensive, public and urban university.

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