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Office of the President

An article by Robert Corrigan, "Presidential Leadership, Moral Leadership in the New Millennium," ran in the fall issue of Association of American Colleges and Universities' publication, Liberal Education.


Behavioral and Social Sciences

Patricia Foschi, Geography and Human Environmental Studies, and Huan Liu have co-developed a prototype system for detecting Brazilian waterweed in digital imagery. Foschi co-authored two papers on the project: "Active Learning for Classifying a Spectrally Variable Subject," Proceedings of 2nd Pattern Recognition for Remote Sensing Workshop. She presented "Feature Extraction for Image Mining," at the International Workshop on Multimedia Information Systems, from Oct. 30 to Nov. 1, 2002, in Tempe, Ariz.

The ninth volume in "The Contemporary USA" book series, commissioned and edited by Bill Issel, History, appeared in December from Palgrave. The book is American Economic Development Since 1945 by Sam Rosenberg of Roosevelt University.



In September, Ronald Purser, Management, was named associate editor for the Business Discipline Editorial Team as part of the CSU Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching project. He was also recently selected to participate in a course portfolio project on problem-based learning, sponsored by the Pew Charitable Trust through Stanford University's Center for Problem-Based Learning.


Creative Arts

Richard Festinger, Music and Dance, recently received a $10,000 commission from the Fromm Music Foundation at Harvard University.

Photography by Dale Kistemaker, Art, was featured in a solo exhibition at Mills College. "First Sight, Encyclopedia of Childhood" ran Dec. 3-15, 2002.

Kristen Gates, Design and Industry, gave a presentation titled "Bridging the Digital Divide, Public Private Partnerships" Jan. 8 at the West Contra Costa Business Development Center in Richmond. The presentation showcased Web sites created by students in her class Digital Media 3. She gave a similar presentation Nov. 8, 2002, at the National Association of Industrial Technology Conference held in Panama City, Fla.

Two blown glass pieces by John Leighton, Art, were illustrated in the winter 2002 edition of Neues Glas (New Glass), and accepted by the International Reticello 2002 Competition, held in collaboration with the Royal Danish Collections at Rosenborg Castle.

Joel Schechter, Theatre Arts, edited and wrote the introduction to an international anthology of essays titled Popular Theater: A Sourcebook, which was recently published by Routledge.

"Inconsistency of Conclusion," an exhibition of works by Paul Pratchenko, Art, was on view at the Braunstein/Quay Gallery Dec. 10-Jan. 11.

Wayne Peterson, Music (emeritus), and the Pacific Chamber Symphony received a $50,000 award from the Alexander Gerbode Foundation. Peterson will use his portion of the funds to write an original composition for the symphony to perform sometime next year. He also received a joint commission from the Serge Koussevitzky Music Foundation in the Library of Congress and Earplay for a composition for a chamber ensemble.

Poems by several Creative Writing faculty members appeared in a recent issue of The Literati, a Chinese-language literary magazine edited by graduate student Baolin Cheng. Maxine Chernoff's "Sailing" and "How Lies Grow" were published along with Toni Mirosevich's "Limited Versions" and Daniel J. Langton's "Chinese Sound" and "Coffee and Oranges."



David Hemphill and Ruth Love, Administration and Interdisciplinary Studies/Black Studies, were co-presenters at a meeting held at University of California, Berkeley on Nov. 15, 2002, to announce the launch of a new joint doctoral program in urban educational leadership. The program, a collaboration among SFSU, UC Berkeley, CSU Hayward, and San José State, will train high-level school district and county administrators.


Health and Human Services

Darlene Yee, Gerontology, presented three sessions at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America held Nov. 22-26, 2002, in Boston. Yee co-authored "Perceived Levels of Empowerment Among Employees Working in Long Term Care Facilities in California" with David Hanklotubbe; "Oral Health Care Behaviors in Long Term Care Residents" with Evelyn Lowe; and "An Assessment of a Diverse Staff at One Life Care Community" with Matthew Parcasio.

Susan Zieff, Kinesiology, presented "Acting Like Girls: Adolescent Females Internalize an Athletic Identity" at the annual conference of the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport held Nov. 6-9, 2002, in Indianapolis.

Louisa Webb, Kinesiology, presented "Techniques of Power in Physical Activity Contexts" in a session on "Poststructuralism and Bodily Discursions in Physical Activity and Education" at the annual conference of the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport held Nov. 6-9, 2002, in Indianapolis.

Steve Wallace and David Anderson, Kinesiology, recently co-authored a paper titled "Sport Competition as a Dynamical Self-organizing System" that appeared in the most recent volume of the Journal of Sport Sciences.

Matt Lee, Kinesiology, presented an abstract in November at the meeting of the Southwest American College of Sports Medicine in Las Vegas. It was titled "Cardiac Autonomic Modulation Following a Set of Unilateral Isometric Exercise."



Chris Wen-Chao Li, Foreign Languages and Literatures, presented "Are There Multiple Forms of Standard Chinese" at the October conference Teaching Chinese in the World: A Cross Cultural Approach held at the University of San Francisco.

"Women of Color in the U.S.: Pedagogical Reflection on the Politics of 'the Name'" by Minoo Moallem, Women Studies, was recently published in Women's Studies on Its Own. She also presented a paper at the Responding to Violence conference organized by the Barnard Center for Research on Women and held Oct. 24-25, 2002, at Columbia University.

Marc Martin, Speech and Communication Studies, served as the vice-chair of the Peace and Interpersonal Conflict Commission at the National Communication Association convention held recently in New Orleans. He was named chair-elect of the same commission at the convention.

The American Philosophical Association has awarded funds to Anita Silvers, Philosophy, for a project to disseminate a community service learning model in bioethics. The project will apply the successful SFSU model created by Silvers to help Loyola University of Chicago develop community service learning components for its undergraduate and graduate offerings in bioethics.

For the annual convention of the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association held Oct. 10-12, 2002, in Scottsdale, Ariz., French graudate students Florence Balla and Katri Tuori, a recent alumna, Morgan Benz, and Delphine Perret, Foreign Languages and Literatures, presented papers in a session organized by Elizabeth Wright, Foreign Languages and Literature. The session was titled "Langue et culture créole: seminar at SFSU"


Science and Engineering

Edward Carpenter, Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies, B. Bergman and others published "Phosphorus Dynamics in Cultures and Natural Populations of Trichodesmium" in the August issue of the series Marine Ecology Progress.

Gretchen LeBuhn, Biology, published "Bees in a Vineyard Landscape," in the August issue of Oaks and Folks.

Hal Markowitz, Biology, and L. Cornick published "Diurnal Voice Patterns of the Black Howler Monkey (Alouatta pigra) at Lamanai, Belize" in the November issue of Journal of Mammalogy. Markowitz also presented, with K. Eckert, "Defecation Patterns and Endoparasites of Black Howler Monkeys (Alouatta pigra) in Belize" in July at the Annual Meeting of the Animal Behavior Society, held in Bloomington, Ind.

Ronald Marzke, Physics and Astronomy, P. Cote and others published "The Relative Ages of Globular Cluster Subpopulations in M87" in the August issue of Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Sergei Ovchinnikov, Mathematics, and A. Dukhovny contributed "Families of Valued Sets as Media" to the recently published book Technologies for Constructing Intelligent Systems.

Wenshen Pong, Engineering, published "Design Implications of Structural Irregularity" and, with C.S. Tsai and others, "RADAS Device Technology for Retrofitting Damaged Structures in 921 Chi-Chi Earthquake," in the August issue of the Proceedings of the American Society for Mechanical Engineers Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference. The conference was held in August, in Vancouver, B.C.

Neville Robbins, Mathematics, published "A Divisibility Property of Binary Linear Recurrences" in the June-July issue of Fibonacci Quarterly and "Some Consequences of Gauss' Triangular Number Theorem," in the August issue of the same publication.

Eric Routman, Biology, S. Masta and others published "Molecular Systematics, Hybridization, and Phylogeography of the Bufoamericanus Complex in Eastern North America," in the August issue of Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.

James Smith, Mathematics, published "Thomsen's Equation" in the August/September issue of American Mathematical Monthly.

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