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Volume 62, Number 1    July 18, 2014         

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A rogue's gallery
Associate Professor of Theatre Arts Barbara Damashek was interviewed about her new production, a revival of David Mamet's "American Buffalo," in a June 11 San Francisco Chronicle feature. "Mythically, the American con artist is a treasured part of our rogue's gallery of antiheroes, and no contemporary playwright has captured this territory quite as well as Mamet. 'Buffalo' is beautifully constructed, cunningly observed, shamelessly theatrical and also -- wickedly funny," Damashek said. "There are so many resonances in the script -- comedic, existential

Souring seas
The website on June 16 published an article about research by Biology Lecturer Bill Cochlan. Cochlan and his team are studying the impact of ocean acidification on single-celled organisms off the West Coast. "What we don't know is the exact effects ocean acidification will have on marine phytoplankton communities," Cochlan said. "Our hypothesis is that ocean acidification will affect the quantity and quality of certain metabolities within the phytoplankton, specifically lipids and essential fatty acids."

Identity found
New America Media ran a profile of Associate Professor of Asian American Studies Isabelle Thuy Pelaud on July 1. "In France, you either are French or you are not. There was nothing about minority and ethnic identities," Pelaud said. "At [UC] Berkeley, I discovered a world of knowledge and ideas. I read writers from colonized countries. I learned different ways of looking at myself. ... I wanted to fight sexism, homophobia and racism. Especially racism -- I really suffered from it."

Success on the rebound
Project Rebound Director Jason Bell was interviewed about the program, which helps the formerly incarcerated earn college degrees, for a June 30 KCBS In Depth radio broadcast. "It's a bunch of formerly incarcerated folks that have made the decision to reinvent themselves, to better themselves by means of an education," Bell said. "And the beauty of it is the fact that [Project Rebound founder] John Irwin laid the foundation for people to have that opportunity. It was difficult for him to get it started, but he did it and it's been going on for over 40 years and helping a whole bunch of people."

Bloody Thursday
Director of the Labor Archives and Research Center Catherine Powell commented for a July 5 San Francisco Chronicle article commemorating the 80th anniversary of the "Bloody Thursday" riots, in which two supporters of a longshoreman's strike were shot and killed by police. The 1934 strike is "a basic part of the history of San Francisco and a seminal event in labor history in general," Powell said. "Is San Francisco still a union town? I would say yes, they are all still pretty powerful."

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