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Volume 60, Number 36    June 24, 2013         

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Mobile impact
Professor Emeritus of History Robert Cherny discussed the impacts of Great Depression- and World War II-related mobility on West Coast politics for a May 22 article about Seattle mayors. "Western cities are more open to newcomers and less dominated by older families, in general," Cherny said. "Literally anybody can run for mayor of San Francisco."

Shoulders of giants
Professor of Biology Leticia Márquez-Magaña was the subject of a May 29 KPIX report about her mentoring of underrepresented groups in science, which earned her a Jefferson Award. "It's hard to be the one and only in some places and I always knew that social cohesion was important and that was the way I was going to survive...(When) I walk in the classroom, I see myself reflected in the students," Márquez-Magaña said. "If you want an innovative solution to a scientific problem, you get that innovative solution with a diverse team."

Not a sport
Professor of Meteorology John Monteverde discussed the issue of storm chasers who lose their lives while studying extreme weather events in a June 4 CNN op-ed. "The term 'storm chasing' means what it always has meant to atmospheric scientists who study storms in the field. It means interweaving meteorological reasoning and forecasting skills for the purpose of understanding severe thunderstorms in general, and tornadic supercells in particular," Monteverde wrote. "While it's clear that meteorologists who chase know how not to interfere or know how to keep major road stems free of traffic, it's not clear that others do. This is an important issue that the storm research/chaser/spotter community must face in the upcoming years."

Dad's ear
Professor of Psychology Jeff Cookston's research, which suggests fathers should ask their children for feedback on their parenting, was cited in a June 14 Smithsonian article about Father's Day. "You may think that you're being a good parent by not being harsh on your kid, for instance, but your child may view that as 'you're not invested in me, you're not trying,'" Cookston said. The study also found that girls and boys view a father's good deeds differently, with girls seeing them as "enduring aspects," while boys tend to see them as part of a specific context.


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