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Volume 61, Number 1    July 29, 2013         

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On strike
Emerita Librarian Helene Whitson was interviewed for a feature article in the June 18 edition of E-rea: Revue électronique d'études sur le monde anglophone about the 1968 SF State strike and Whitson's book, Strike! A chronology, bibliography, and list of archival materials concerning the 1968-1969 strike at San Francisco State College. "The strike was a lesson for all of us. It was an educational experience. It certainly taught me a lot about the difference between fictional America -- picket fence America -- and the reality that I observed and experienced... People had their ideals and fought... They had the satisfaction of knowing they stood up for principle. There also were tangible results in some cases," Whitson said.

Helping to remember
Associate Professor of History Dawn Bohulano Mabalon was interviewed about the release of her book Little Manila is in the Heart for a June 23 feature in The Record. "Why weren't we standing in front of the bulldozer? Why weren't we chaining ourselves to the front doors?" Mabalon wondered about projects that destroyed the "Little Manila" neighborhood in Stockton, Calif. "It's not just about building, it's about finding a political voice for Filipinos in Stockton... This book is part of an educational campaign to help Filipinos in Stockton understand their history, but also to help all Stocktonians understand their history."

On another subject
Assistant Professor of Psychology Sarah Holley's research, which shows that older couples handle conflict by changing the subject and focusing on positive experiences, was covered by outlets worldwide, including July 1 features in the Los Angeles Times and US News & World Report. "For younger couples, it makes sense that avoidance behaviors may be particularly problematic: Issues are newer, and the need to seek solutions may be more pressing due to the high levels of role strain," Holley wrote. "For long-term married spouses in later stages of life, however, avoidance behaviors might shift from being maladaptive to being a neutral or even adaptive strategy. It may not be an either/or question. It may be that both age and marital duration play a role in increased avoidance."

Pension threat
Associate Professor and Director of Labor Studies John Logan commented on a Detroit bankruptcy court ruling for a July 19 Los Angeles Times article. "Detroit could be a step in destroying public pensions, though the law says you can't cut benefits," Logan said. "If they find a way around that, it opens Pandora's box, and the battle on whether to dump bank loans or dump pensions may go all the way to the Supreme Court."

RTC in the news
The Smithsonian Institute signed a memorandum of understanding with the Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies (RTC) to form the first West Coast Marine GEO site, part of a global monitoring system, the Marin Independent Journal reported June 21. "San Francisco Bay will be their first site on the West Coast. This will be a collaboration between us to look more closely at the ocean and gauge its health," Director of the Romberg Tiburon Center and Professor of Oceanography Toby Garfield said. "We are the only Bay Area university with a research facility right in the bay. This is it. We are the nexus to bring all this research together."

Also, the San Francisco Business Times reported July 17 that RTC received a one million dollar gift from retired Bank of America chairman and CEO Richard Rosenberg and his wife Barbara. The gift will be used to establish the Barbara and Richard Rosenberg Institute for Marine Biology and Environmental Science, which will support an academic lecture series for graduate students and the public. "Their generous support will ensure that many generations of researchers, students and citizens have excellent opportunities to understand and protect one of our region's most exceptional assets -- the San Francisco Bay," President Leslie Wong said.


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