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Volume 61, Number 1    July 29 , 2013        

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Grants and Contracts

SF State received $1,405,995 in grants and contracts in June 2013.

Sacha Bunge, Psychology, Career Opportunities in Research - San Francisco State University, National Institutes of Health (NIMH), $212,930

Yitwah Cheung, Mathematics, Diophantine Analysis of Dynamical Systems, National Science Foundation, $148,459

William Cochlan, Romberg Tiburon Center, Nutrient Stress Algal Lipid, Cornell/Prime: Department of Energy, $321,337

Karen Crow, Biology, RUI: Understanding the role of duplicate Hox genes in the evolution of novelty by investigating patterns of molecular evolution and functional divergence in a basal ray-finned fish, National Science Foundation, $8,640

Richard Dugdale, Romberg Tiburon Center, DASH-Transects, State/Federal Contractors Water Agency, $70,000

Newell Garfield, Romberg Tiburon Center, CSU COAST FY 2012 (2nd Half), CSU Office of the Chancellor, $181,200

Jason Gurdak, Geosciences, Central Platte Natural Resources 2012-13, Central Platte Natural Resources, $150,003

Betsy Kean, Education, CCCCO Teacher Prep Pipeline, CCSF/Prime: Cal. Comm. College Chancellor, $4,000

Weining Man, Physics & Astronomy, RUI - Photonic Bandgap Structures, National Science Foundation, $88,398

Leticia Márques-Magaña, Biology, Health Equity Research Lab, Center for Vulnerable Populations via SF General Found/Prime: NIH, $12,000

Kathleen Mosler, Psychology, Customer Relationship Management Issues in Sponsored Projects Office-SFSU, San Jose State University Research Institute/Prime: National Aeronautical and Space Administration, $145,930

Leonard Sklar, Geosciences, Bedload Flume Study, U.S. Department of the Interior, $24,130

Leonard Sklar, Geosciences, Scaling Geomorphic Feedbacks, University of New Hampshire/ Prime: National Science Foundation, $14,165

Megan Williams, History, Why are we interested in the past?, National Endowment for the Humanities, $24,803



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