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Volume 60, Number 1    July 23, 2012         

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Showing the way
Professor of Health Education Mary Beth Love was quoted in a June 25 San Francisco Chronicle profile of Metro Academies, a joint program by SF State and San Francisco City College that improves graduation rates for disadvantaged students. "The first two years are a very leaky part of the pipe," Love said about the program that provides additional support during that time. "People are astounded (by the significantly improved graduation rate)."

Another phase
Professor of Sexuality Studies Colleen Hoff's study of gay parents was featured in the June 29 U.S. News & World Report. "When gay couples become parents, they become very focused on the kids…They go through a lot of the same changes as heterosexual couples who have kids," Hoff said. "From the fathers we studied, there was this pragmatic acceptance that this (lessened emphasis on sexuality) is what happens at this stage of life."

Test drive
A study released by Professor of Health Education and Director of the Institute for Holistic Health Adam Burke, which shows that people new to meditation should try different methods before choosing one style, was featured in a July 11 New York Daily News report. "If someone is exposed to a particular technique through the media or a health care provider, they might assume because it's popular, it's the best for everyone," Burke said. "In truth, different people like different things."

The latest buzz
Associate Professor of Biology Gretchen LeBuhn's "Great Sunflower Project" and initial bee count results were the subject of a July 12 Ag Professional article. "We're really interested in doing deeper comparisons of rural and urban and suburban areas, and what that means for pollinators," LeBuhn said. "The results map that's now on the website is pretty powerful. For those who already participate, this can help them look at the area around them and see if there's anyone else they can encourage to join." The next Great Bee Count will be held Aug. 11.


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