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Volume 57, Number 36    June 28, 2010         

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Stepping to college
Eurania Lopez, coordinator of the Step to College Program at SF State, was featured in the SF Examiner's 3-minute interview on June 21. The Step to College Program is a collaborative effort between public high schools and the College of Education at SF State to help students learn the skills necessary to transition from high school to the University. In the article, Lopez discussed tips she gives to students. "I encourage students to visit different colleges and universities and to talk to people about their experiences," she said. "Students need to understand what ... a college degree can do for their lives."

The forecast: average
In a June 19 KALW report, Geosciences Chair Oswaldo Garcia commented on San Francisco's weather halfway through 2010. Garcia said this year has been fairly average in San Francisco. "People remember the unusual events," Garcia said. "If things are as you expect them, you don't pay much attention to them. If you go out on a late-May morning, didn't check the weather forecast, you go out, and you get rained on. Then you say, 'What's up with this weather?' Because it's May, and by now, we shouldn't be getting any rain. But on the average, one out every four years or so, it has rained in May. Well, we drew that lot this time."

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