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Volume 57, Number 36    June 28, 2010        

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Grants and Contracts

SF State received $3,260,600 in grants and contracts in May.

Federico Ardila, Mathematics, CAREER: Matroids, polytropes, and their valuations in algebra and geometry, National Science Foundation, $399,212

Laura Burrus, Biology, RUI: Wntless and Wnt Gradients, National Science Foundation, $350,000

Edward Carpenter, Biology, Collaborative Research: ETBC: Amazon Influence on the Atlantic: Carbon export from Nitrogen fixation by DiAtom Symbioses (ANACONDAS), National Science Foundation, $10,250

Lily Chen, Biology, Science Master's Program at SFSU: Concentrations in Biotechnology and Stem Cell Science, National Science Foundation, $700,000

Yitwah Cheung, Mathematics, CAREER: Diophantine Analysis of Dynamical Systems, National Science Foundation, $400,000

Diana Chu, Biology, CAREER: Investigating Mechanisms of Histone Variant Function and Regulation that Affect Transcriptional Control and Fertility in C. Elegans, National Science Foundation, $10,000

Andrew Oliphant, Geography and Human Environmental Studies, Collaborative Research: MRI-R2-- Acquisition of a Mobile Atmospheric Profiling System for Multi-Campus Research & Education (CSU-MAPS), National Science Foundation, $418,485

Lisa White, Geology, SF-METALS, National Science Foundation, $822,652

Jiaxin Xia, Confucius Institute - SFSU 2010, Hanban, $150,001


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