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Volume 57, Number 1    July 20, 2009         

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SF State received $$3,227,394 in grants and contracts in June and $ 4,545,071 in May.

June Grants and Contracts

Marc Anderson, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Inhibitors in Breast Cancer - Supplement, Sub-Award from University of California Regents, Prime: NIH, $43,000

Marc Anderson, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Synthesis of GPC II Inhibitors, NIH, $138,014

Teaster Baird, Chemistry and Biochemistry, CAREER: Engineered Substrate, NSF, $158,501

Hector Carrillo, Human Sexuality CRGS, Latino Immigrants' Access to HIV Care, University of California, Office of the President, $149,635

Edward Carpenter, Romberg Tiburon Center, Dry Valleys-Antarctica, NSF, $129,998

Nicholas Certo, Special Education, SMCOE-PIP - Supplement, San Mateo County Office of Education, $10,000

Carmen Domingo, Biology, REU Site: Biological Research in Ecological and Evolutionary Developmental Biology, NSF, $249,000

Marci Hanson, Special Education, Preparation of Leadership Personnel: Special Education Leadership Preparation Program (SELP), U.S. Department of Education, $200,000

Pam Hunt, Special Education, California Deaf-Blind Services, U.S. Department of Education, $575,000

Christy Lao, Elementary Education, Project ChiLI: Chinese Literacy Instructional Materials & Curriculum Development, U.S. Department of Education, $195,000

Anne Lown, Biobehavioral Research Center, Web Based Smoking Intervention for Cancer Survivors, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Prime: NIH, $34,086

Peter Palmer, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Supplemental Analysis via XRF - Supplement, Public Health Institute, $800

Nancy Robinson, Special Education, Combined Priority for Personnel Development, U.S. Department of Education, $799,955

Emma Sanchez, Health Education, Examining the Success of School Physical Education Policies, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, $71,935

Juanita Santana, Marian Wright Edelman Institute/Head Start, Dual Language Teacher Education Program, First Five San Francisco, $255,000

Rita Takahashi, Social Work, Adult Protective Services, California Dept. of Social Services, $176,000

Pamela Wolfberg, Special Education, Project Mosaic: Preparing Highly Qualified Educators, U.S. Department of Education, $199,971

May Grants and Contracts

Marc Anderson, Chemistry, Development of Novel Inhibitors of Glutamate Carboxypeptidase NIH, $138,014

Frank Bayliss, Biology, MBRS-Rise Program -- Supplement, NIH, $82,366

Frank Bayliss, Biology, MS-Ph.D. Bridge to the Future -- Supplement, NIH, $21,390

Matthias Beck, Mathematics, Creating Momentum through Communicating Mathematics, NSF, $583,979

Joseph Chen, Biology, Regulated Assembly of Subcellular Structures in alpha-Proteobacteria, NIH, $115,094

Zhigang Chen, Physics and Astronomy, Optical Surface and Defect States in Light-Induced Photonic Structures - Supplement, NSF, $5,000

Diana Chu, Biology, CAREER: Investigating Mechanisms of Histone Variant Function and Regulation that Affect Transcriptional Control and Fertility in C. Elegans – Supplement, NSF, $10,000

Jerry Davis, Geography, SF Child Care Information Systems, Low Income Investment Fund, $17,360

Carmen Regina Domingo, Biology, SFSU Bridges to Stem Cell Research/California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, $1,713,558

Richard Dugdale, Romberg Tiburon Center, Effect of Effluent of Phytopia, Sub-Award from UC Davis, Prime: California State Water Resources Control Board, $48,868

Ahmad Ganji, Engineering, Industrial Assessment Center Program, Department of Energy, $40,000

Tim Janssen, Geosciences, Analysis and Modeling of Ocean Surface Waves across a Muddy Continental Shelf, Office of Naval Research, $31,702

Tim Janssen, Geosciences, Analysis and Modeling of In-situ Wave Observations in the ONR High Res DRI, Office of Naval Research, $52,050

Christy Lao, Elementary Education, San Francisco Chinese Language Academy for Summer Students (SF-CLASS), Chinese student program, National Foreign Language Center, $75,000

Christy Lao, Elementary Education, Institute for Innovative Teaching of Chinese, Chinese teacher program, National Foreign Language Center, $75,000

Mary Leech, Geosciences, CAREER: Petrogenetic Affinity of Miocene Granites, NSF, $225,371

Wen Wen Li, Nursing, Elderly Chinese Immigrants, Sigma Theta Tau International, $2,500

Weining Man, Physics and Astronomy, Bandgap Study of Photonic Crystals and Quasicrystals, Research Corporation for Science Advancement, $39,948

Leticia Marquez-Magana, Biology, RUI: Switching Between Single and Social Motility in Bacillus subtilis -- Supplement/ NSF, $12,000

Leticia Marquez-Magana, Biology, MBRS Score – Supplement, NIH, $164,495

David Matsumoto, Psychology, Emotions and Intergroup Relation, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, $399,139

Peter Palmer, Chemistry, Supplemental Analysis via XRF, Public Health Institute, $2,500

Jacob Perea, Education, CTE Teacher Preparation 09/Sub-Award from CCSF, Prime: CA Community College Chancellor’s Office, $20,000

Wenshen Pong, Engineering, S-STEM SSEE, NSF, $598,840

Robert Ramirez, Biology, Physiology of Osmotic Stress in Saccharmyces cerevisiae – Supplement, NSF, $11,497

Pamela Vaughn, Center for Teaching & Faculty Development, MERLOT Faculty ELIXR 2009, Sub-Award from CSU Long Beach, Prime: US Department of Education, $7,200

Eliza Wicher, Psychology, Women-Only Leadership, Society for Industrial, Organizational Psychology, $2,200


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