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Volume 54, Number 35   June 18, 2007         

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Global Strategic Management, a new book by Gerardo Ungson, International Business, and Yim-Yu Wong, International Business, was released this month by M.E. Sharpe. The textbook details how firms build competitive presence in a global context and provides practical guidelines and strategies to face the challenges imposed by globalization.

Michael Albert, Management, presented on "Refocusing Work Roles: Changing our Images of Work," at the San Francisco Commonwealth Club on May 22, 2007.

Ronald E. Purser, Management, is co-editor of 24/7 Time and Temporality in the Network Society, a collection of cutting-edge thought on the new economic, cultural and political implications of a networked society. Published this month by Stanford University Press, the book includes contributions from such leading scholars as Barbara Adam, Mike Crang, Thomas Hylland Erikson and Geert Lovink.

Creative Arts
A new book by Aaron Kerner, Cinema, Unimaginable Suffering and Incomprehensible Horror in Visual Culture, was released this month by Edwin Mellen Press. The book addresses the questions of how we relate to visual representations of events such as 9/11 or Hiroshima and what rhetorical strategies might effectively convey the historical significance of such events when physical evidence is gone.

Todd Roehrman, Theatre Arts, who has designed costumes for many regional theaters throughout the United States, designed the costumes for the Sacramento Theatre Company's recent production of "Someone's Somebody." The one-woman show was written and performed by alumna Regina Louise and is based on her experiences growing up in more than 30 foster homes. Rave reviews of the show included praise for Roehrman's "stunning and effective costumes."

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