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Volume 55, Number 1   July 16, 2007         

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Behavioral and Social Sciences

On July 5 Trevor Getz, associate professor of history, was a guest on KPFA radio's "Living Room" program. In discussing his "Journeys of Race and Reconciliation" oral history project with Bay Area and South African students, he said "young people can learn from other generations, process and share this with their own generation... this project was influenced by the South African government's initiatives on race and reconciliation to find ways in which to have an open national debate about race, about restorative justice, about coming together to solve problems."

Ethnic Studies
Belinda Reyes, assistant professor of Raza Studies, commented on mid-20th century Latin American migration to California on the KALW radio's seven-part series, "In Search of the American Dream," which aired in April and May. "In 1965 the federal government ended the quota act that gave preference to European immigrants and also ended a guest workers program for people from Latin America," she said. "So, the nation experienced a decrease in European immigrants and an increase in immigrants from Asia and Latin America as well as an influx of undocumented immigrants... California saw a major shift in its demographic."

Lu Rehling, professor and director of the Technical Writing program, was interviewed for the July 2007 "Pen to Paper" column in Entrepreneur magazine. Regarding the issue of college graduates seeking jobs in public relations and marketing firms without the necessary writing skills, she said that businesses can help employees become better writers but it takes money and time. "You can't get a quick fix," Rehling said. "There isn't a three-step program where all of a sudden you're a great writer."

Health and Human Services
Professor of Holistic Health and co-director of the Institute for Holistic Healing Studies Erik Peper was quoted regarding his biofeedback research in the June 2007 issue of the German magazine, GQ. "Most sports coaches request their athletes to concentrate. With the use of the physiological recordings shown on the computer screen, one can objectively measure concentration. With this approach, the athletes discover that during parts of their mental rehearsal of their sport routine they were too anxious. They can be aware and conscious of that which they were previously unaware."

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