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Volume 54, Number 1   July 24, 2006         

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'The Savage Goths'
Linda Ellis
, professor and director of museum studies, was featured on "Terry Jones' Barbarians: The Savage Goths," a documentary that aired June 2 on BBC Two. In an interview that took place at an archaeological site in Romania where Ellis does excavation work and research, she discussed the Barbarians of the ancient Roman Empire. "War is business, and it was good business. And this was one of the best places for it," Ellis said. "… Whenever there are geological resources concentrated, there is war and money will be made from that. And nothing has changed under the sun since the Roman Empire."

Dabbling with DNA
Professor and Chair of Biology Michael Goldman was interviewed about lay persons obtaining DNA testing results online in the KGO-TV news feature "Breaking New Ground with Online DNA Testing" broadcast earlier this month. "The trick is to make sure (the information) is delivered right, that you get as much supportive information as possible," he said. "There's no assurance that a patient will actually read or understand the information, but then again, when you go into your physician's office or genetic counselor's office there's no guarantee that information gets across either."

A Himalayan divide
Assistant Professor of Geology Mary Leech commented on the difficulty of carrying out field research in the Himalayas near politically charged Kashmir in the article, "Across a Political Divide, Researchers Converge on Himalayan Plan" published in the July 7 issue of Science. "We have been stopped because of the complex political problems," she said. "Carrying out even small explosions in border areas can be very problematic."

Looking to Hispanics
Robert C. Smith
, professor of political science, commented on the NAACP's efforts to court Hispanic members in an article that ran in the July 13 edition of the Winston-Salem Journal. "In order to advance the civil-rights agenda, they needed to make an alliance with the largest, and fastest growing, minority group in the country, even if they had differences on certain points," he said. "They're thinking long term."

Summer Bridge
A July 16 story in the Oakland Tribune focused on SF State's Summer Bridge, an intensive six-week program that helps prepare incoming first-time freshmen in the Educational Opportunity Program. Summer Bridge students take courses in math and English, as well as a Freshman Seminar that gives them tips on becoming successful college students. "Everybody that enrolls in the classes in the fall, we're really (giving) a stamp of approval that these students are ready for college," said Frances Kleven, Summer Bridge academic coordinator.

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