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Volume 62, Number 35    May 22, 2015         

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Risk to raves
The San Francisco Examiner on May 13 ran a feature crediting retired Professor of Cinema Jameson Goldner for SF State becoming a top film school in the U.S. "Our emphasis was really on personal expression, and some of our films were pretty risky," Goldner recalled. "From Day 1 to the day he retired, he [Goldner] was one of the most popular professors because he was thoughtful and caring," Interim Dean of the College of Liberal & Creative Arts Daniel Bernardi said. Goldner was honored May 19 at the Cinema Department's annual Film Finals event at the Sundance Kabuki Theater in Japantown.

Diverse leaders for a diverse society
On May 14 American City & County featured an interview with Associate Professor of Public Administration Sheldon Gen about SF State's master of public administration program. "We encourage students from all areas of academic training and professional experiences because we believe that a diversity of backgrounds improves public services for our diverse population," Gen said. "Our MPA has helped artists become managers of arts programs, teachers become district leaders, agency staffers become directors, and campaign managers become candidates and elected officials."

Smarts save the green
A smart irrigation system used on Maloney Field was the subject of a May 15 NBC Bay Area report. "You're able to check your programs, start times, water days. ... the evapo-transpiration rate, tells us how much water is needed," Lead Groundman Tim Beall explained. Added Grounds Operations Manager Anthony Benson: "It calculates how much moisture is in the air and how much moisture is supposedly in the soil, so if it reads that the moisture in the air is high, it tells the controller not to water that day. The system was able to reduce the [water] budget on Maloney Field by 30 percent last year." Director of Sustainability and Energy Caitlin Steele was also quoted on the challenge of meeting new water-use reduction goals. "When the governor's [water saving] mandate came out about six weeks ago, the University formed a water action committee and we pulled together people from all the different parts of the University to really figure out a way to get to our 25 percent reduction," Steele said. "We're expecting about a five-year payback [on the system] through water savings."

Interests aligned
Professor Emeritus of Political Science Richard DeLeon commented for a May 15 Observer article about a reputed trend toward conservatism in San Francisco. "[There is] no real shift in partisan registration of Democrats and Republicans," DeLeon said. Tech workers have "hardcore material interests around affordable housing, office space, minimum wage. ... As they settle in, they become acculturated to the local political culture and traditions."

Better matches needed
On May 19 UPI reported on research by Assistant Professor of Biology Pleuni Pennings that found pathogens can evade multi-drug treatments. "This requires a new way of thinking about drug combinations that is a bit counterintuitive," said Pennings. "Suppose that drug A does not reach the brain, but drug B does. You'll see the pathogen evolving resistance to drug B and assume that's where the problem lies. But in fact it is drug A that is not doing its job because it's not reaching the brain, and that's the drug you may have to actually fix."

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