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Volume 62, Number 27    March 20, 2015         

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Territorial profits
Criminal Justice Lecturer Jim Dudley, a retired San Francisco police commander, commented for a March 11 San Jose Mercury News report on the involvement of organized crime in gaming, prostitution and massage parlors uncovered by recent raids in San Jose. "If it's a moneymaking enterprise, people don't want competition," Dudley said. "Whether it's the drug trade or extortion, they're territorial about that."

Fear and loading
A report on labor practices at DHL India by Professor and Director of Labor and Employment Studies John Logan was the subject of a March 16 article on The Loadstar (UK). There is "a pervasive sense of fear that exists within the service centers when it comes to union activity, which affects both union members and non-members," Logan wrote. "It appears that not one single employee who has alleged anti-union discrimination has participated in the company's official investigation into that victimization, which is a stunning omission."

Potential backlash?
Professor of Civil Engineering Elahe Enssani commented on Silicon Valley executive Ellen Pao's high-profile gender discrimination suit against a venture capital firm for a March 16 Re/code article. "I'm really worried that this case will make people subconsciously not hire women because they're worried if they don't perform, they will say it's because they are women," Enssani said

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