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Volume 62, Number 26    March 13, 2015         

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More clues to pursue
Research by Associate Professor of Biology Vance Vredenburg found that a deadly fungus responsible for causing the extinction of more than 200 amphibian species dates back to the 1890s, reported on March 4. "Part of understanding a disease is understanding the dynamics of the host and pathogen. What we have now is a benchmark where the dynamics have been stable for well over 100 years," Vredenburg said. "This fungus has been emerging all over the world and causing major, major problems. Taking the information we now have from this research, we can look at the animals in Illinois and Korea, figure out how they are surviving and translate that knowledge to other parts of the world where we see massive declines of amphibian populations."

The things people own
The Daily Mail on March 6 reported on research from Associate Professor of Psychology Ryan Howell that found that an emphasis on material possessions, including living in wealthy neighborhoods, can make people more materialistic by paving "the way for their children to grow up to be more likely than others to admire people with expensive possessions and judge success by the kinds of things people own."

Building San Francisco
Professor of Jewish Studies Marc Dollinger was interviewed for the film "American Jerusalem: Jews and the Making of San Francisco," the Salinas Californian reported on March 6. "American Jerusalem is a fascinating look at the history of San Francisco, formed during the Gold Rush. The Jewish immigrants arrived and had a great deal to do with the formation of the history [of the city], and it's sort of the story of immigration generally," Dollinger said. "It's really about the building of the city and the destruction of the city [from the 1906 earthquake] and the rebuilding of the city, and the Jewish role in all of that."

Slow to change
Jamie and Phyllis Pasker Professor of History Marc Stein discussed the continued resistance to gay rights in the southern U.S. for a March 9 Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette report. Opponents now focus on the struggle for transgendered "rights specifically, because they know they'll be less successful if they attack good, old-fashioned gays and lesbians," Stein said. "I think the anxiety remains strong in the South and in non-urban locations

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