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Volume 62, Number 24    February 27, 2015         

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It's good to be out
U.S. News & World Report on Feb. 11 reported on a study by the Family Acceptance Project showing that LGBT youth who come out in middle or high school are happier than those who wait. "We know from our other studies that requiring LGBT adolescents to keep their LGBT identities secret or not to talk about them is associated with depression, suicidal behavior, illegal drug use and risk for HIV," Director of the Family Acceptance Project Caitlin Ryan said. "And helping them learn about and disclose their LGBT identity to others helps protect against risk and helps promote self-esteem and overall health."

Many issues to consider
Director of the Health Equity Institute Cynthia Gomez discussed the Institute's mission and how to address barriers to good health outcomes in an interview on the Feb. 20 edition of Science Studio on KTEP radio. "Health equity is the belief that everyone should be able to attain the best health that they can based on who they are. ... Health care is only about 20 percent of what will determine your health outcome, so it's much more important to think about all the things that precede you developing a disease," Gomez explained. "We are very used to a medical model that starts at the point of the disease. We want to move way upstream."

Policies result from consensus
Associate Professor of History Maziar Behrooz told Mint News on Feb. 24 that the death of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah last month has not affected the country's stability. "Although the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy, its internal and foreign policy is developed through a consensus among the ruling class, so the death of King Abdullah will not make a major difference," Behrooz said. "Saudi policy toward the peace process, Iran or the oil issue will probably not change in a dramatic manner."

More than one class
Associate Professor of Sociology Jessica Fields was a panelist for a Feb. 24 WNPR broadcast about including discussion of gender and sex education topics throughout the school curriculum. "It not only supports the students across their school day," Fields said, "but helps that sexuality educator to feel as if their work is part of the overall work of the school and not cordoned off to some corner of the building or corner of the curriculum."

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