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Volume 62, Number 30    April 17, 2015         

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Open discussion, little progress
Associate Professor of Sociology Karen Hossfeld discussed the broader problem of gender discrimination highlighted by a recent high-profile Silicon Valley trial for the April 9 "Your Call" segment on KALW. "More people are feeling empowered to talk about it so it may sound like it's increasing. My sense is that it hasn't decreased but it hasn't increased, either," Hossfeld said. "...[N]ationwide in the U.S. as of at least last year, only 17 percent of people on boards of directors of big companies are women -- and for women of color, it's only 3 percent. So we haven't really seen the changes yet that people are starting to put in place now."

A clear message
Professor of Management Sally Baack provided expert analysis for an April 9 KCBS Radio report on the record $1.6 billion fine imposed on PG&E by the California Public Utilities Commission for the San Bruno tragedy. "In general it's sending a clear message that you have to do your job, especially in a business like this, where you potentially have lives that can be lost -- which unfortunately we saw -- where you have the responsibility to maintain trust and also to maintain openness and communication with the public about what you're doing, how you're doing it, how you're spending money and how you're keeping them safe," Baack said. "I think any company that has any of those issues is paying attention.

Primed to remove obstacles
Professor of Psychology David Matsumoto commented for an April 14 story about anger. "Every emotion that exists in us is not rational or irrational, they're functional ... the fact that the anger has existed in us and currently exists in us means that it was functional for us in some way, shape or purpose in our evolutionary history," Matsumoto said. "I define anger as an immediate reaction to an event that has caused the person to believe that they've lost, there's an obstacle to some kind of goal of theirs and so the anger is a reaction that primes a person to be able to do something in order to remove that obstacle."

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