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Volume 62, Number 29    April 10, 2015         

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Full cycle on April 7 reported that Professor of Biology Gretchen LeBuhn has launched a project to help citizen scientists make their backyards or local parks more pollinator friendly. "This is one of the few citizen science projects that engages the public in the full cycle of conservation, from data collection to taking action," LeBuhn said. "As the dataset is built, it will become more and more useful to the community. When we think about our limited conservation dollars, we want to make sure we're doing what works best."

Past history indicator
Assistant Professor of Psychology Sarah Holley commented for an April 8 Medical News Today report on SF State research that found a higher incidence of major depressive disorders (MDD) in fertility treatment patients than in the general population. "The things that are typically assessed, such as whether you are feeling down or anxious when treatment begins, can be really useful information, but our research shows that a past history of MDD is actually a stronger indicator of whether a fertility patient will develop MDD during treatment," Holley said.

Greater benefits
An April 8 Yahoo! Health article about facial rejuvenation treatments featured comments from Director of the Institute for Holistic Health Studies and Professor of Health Education Adam Burke. "Unlike surgery, [acupuncture] can provide greater benefit than better skin tone because it can potentially treat things like insomnia and fatigue. It may actually help to improve the root of 'tired' skin. Our skin is the biggest 'organ' in the body, so improved health will show on the skin," Burke said. Additionally, acupuncture "entails no incisions, sutures or acid peels and it will not produce sudden, drastic changes in underlying structures."

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