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Volume 61, Number 32    May 5, 2014         

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Cultural adjustments
Associate Professor of Social Work Rashmi Gupta discussed the needs of elderly Indians and Indian-Americans for an April 23 India West report. In India, "if you do not provide care, people in the neighborhood (and) your relatives all shame you," Gupta said.

Hope abandoned?
Associate Professor and Chair of Urban Studies and Planning Jasper Rubin commented for an April 24 San Francisco Chronicle report about the planned developments of Piers 30-32 and Mission Bay in the light of the new Golden State Warriors arena plans. "I don't think there is much hope for them (Piers 30-32) anymore," Rubin said. "So many plans have come and gone for that site. It's like the Bermuda triangle for development projects."

Money and happiness revisited
The radio program Marketplace interviewed Assistant Professor of Psychology Ryan Howell regarding his research on the benefits of spending money on experiences instead of goods for an April 24 story. "Your discretionary money, if it's spent on bringing you closer to your friends and family (or) if it's spent building up psychological needs, it can make you happy," he said.


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