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Volume 61, Number 24    March 3, 2014         

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Off the streets
A Feb. 24 KTVU news report about training exercises by the San Francisco Police Departments' Honda Unit on the use of dirt bikes for patrol duty mentioned University Police Officer Enrique Vera Cruz who took part in the training. The motorcycles enable "a faster response time -- you get there quicker, you can get to places that the usual patrol car can't get to and basically allow us to server our respective communities as efficiently and as best as possible," Vera Cruz said.

Steep crossing
Information Security Officer Mig Hofmann, who commutes to SF State from Corte Madera, commented on the proposed Golden Gate Bridge toll increase for a Feb. 25 San Francisco Chronicle article. "At a certain point, it just gets to be too much of a burden," Hofmann said.

Hedging bets
Assistant Professor of Political Science Jason McDaniel discussed the campaign financing of Supervisors David Chiu and David Campos, who are candidates for state assembly, for a Feb. 25 San Francisco Chronicle report. There is "very little evidence that there is any strong link between campaign donations and what a politician does" once in office, McDaniel said. "Campaigns are expensive because it's difficult to get your message out to voters. I see nothing wrong with (either) politician receiving donations from political opponents. It's an important part of the political process."


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