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Volume 61, Number 23    February 24, 2014         

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Relationship benefits
Research by Professor of Sociology Allen LeBlanc that suggests same-sex married couples experience the same mental health benefits as heterosexual married couples was referenced by a Feb. 14 report in The Huffington Post. "We know that heterosexual marriage provides a higher perception of social integration and support," LeBlanc said. "It makes sense that same-sex marriages would carry some of the same benefits."

Hong Kong, CA?
A Feb. 15 Tech Crunch article about the demand for housing in San Francisco quoted Associate Professor and Chair of Urban Studies and Planning Jasper Rubin, who asked, "Do we want San Francisco to look like Hong Kong?" Rubin added that the city has never quantified the demand for housing, but that it is "tantamount to infinite."

Demanding change
Professor of Political Science and International Relations Andrei P. Tsygankov was interviewed about political protests in Ukraine for a Feb. 18 KNTV news report. "The opposition demands new elections, it demands at least some representation for the opposition and it demands the government of the president of the country steps down. The United States and European Union are pushing forward one of two candidates of their own and Russia continues to support (President) Yanukovych at this point," Tsygankov said.


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