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Volume 61, Number 31    April 28, 2014         

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Creative enhancement
In its April 16 edition, Time Magazine featured the research by Assistant Professor of Psychology Kevin Eschleman that suggests employees' creative activity outside of work can boost their performance on the job. "It can be rare in research to find that what we do in our personal time is related to our behaviors in the workplace, and not just how we feel,” Eschleman said.

A slightly larger Earth
An April 17 New York Times article reported on the announcement by an international team of researchers -- including Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy Stephen Kane -- of the landmark discovery of an earth-like planet that could have liquid water on its surface. "You could far more easily imagine someone being able to go there and walk around on the surface (than other exo-planets discovered to date)," Kane said.

Bigger better?
Associate Professor and Chair of Urban Studies and Planning Jasper Rubin commented on the Manhattanization of San Francisco for an April 21 San Francisco Chronicle piece. "There was a feeling these buildings would destroy the feel of the city, and block out the sun. They would be counter to the San Francisco heritage," Rubin said. But due to the careful planning that was done, "I would say it's a good thing. ...Who doesn't like Manhattan? Times Square is pretty amazing. It's busy, it's exciting."


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