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Volume 61, Number 27    April 1, 2014         

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Mist opportunities
Professor of Geography & Environment Andrew Oliphant explained the purpose of a fog sampling station installed in Montara for a March 20 Half Moon Bay Review article. "An environmental chemist (at University of California, Santa Cruz) captured some fog water in Monterey Bay and sampled it back in summer 2011, only to find much higher rates of deposition of methyl mercury than was occurring by rainfall," Oliphant said. "Not much is understood… about the fate of mercury in our oceans that doesn't enter the food chain and especially its transport from the ocean back to the land surfaces…We want to know just what’s in the fog water coming off the ocean."

Reading impediment?
Professor of Creative Writing Peter Orner commented on the Marin County Free Library’s deliberations over reducing the size of their collection to make room for new texts and technologies for a March 20 Point Reyes Light report. "A policy that throws away books based solely on popularity is one that disregards the basic role of the library, which is to provide wide choice, not just for those requesting popular books, but also those of us out there who are looking for harder to find, more unique books," Orner said.

Just the beat, ma'am
Africana Studies Lecturer Dave "Davey D" Cook commented for a March 22 San Francisco Chronicle profile of DJ Page Hodel. "In the '80s, if you wanted to hear good hip-hop, you went to where Page and the lesbians were," Cook said. "Straight people and hip-hop people went to her clubs, because she had respect; she played hard-core things like 2 Live Crew."


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