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Volume 61, Number 29    April 14, 2014         

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We know, but we don't know
An April 2 Science Codex article featured research by Associate Professor of Psychology Ryan Howell that indicates consumers may purchase material items with the mistaken belief that those items provide more value than money spent on experiences. "People actually do know, and accurately predict, that life experiences will make them happier," Howell said. "What they really underestimate is how much monetary value they will get out of a life experience. Even though they're told experiences will make them happier and they know experiences will make them happier, they still perceive material items as being a better value."

Welcome reef
Associate Professor of Biology Katharyn Boyer's research that examines the best way to restore native oyster habitats to the SF Bay was the subject of an April 7 Bay Nature report. "We’ve even had sturgeon stopping by (the one acre test reef). It’s a boon to a large array of organisms," Boyer said. "We do consider it a win-win, but we’re cautious about how much we can say about it at this point. There are big decisions we want to make as a society on how close to the shoreline we have our infrastructure. (And) oysters and our reefs are part of a solution that everyone, scientists and managers included, will have to address."

Investing in the future
Chairman of the SF State Foundation Board John Gumas commented on the Foundation's pledge to divest from direct ownership of companies with significant exposure to the production or use of coal and tar sands for an April 8 San Francisco Examiner report. "The foundation makes investments so that returns can help build the University and its future -- that is our fiduciary responsibility," Gumas said. "We believe that with careful planning we can both build our endowment and do our part to endow future generations with a healthy environment."


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