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Volume 60, Number 33    May 6, 2013         

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Historic depth
American Indian Studies Lecturer Phil Klasky was interviewed at the opening of the exhibit, "We are Still Here," about the occupation of Alcatraz by Native Americans for an April 18 KCBS Radio report. The multimedia exhibit includes "an audioscape -- an audio landscape -- of excerpts of interviews with Alcatraz occupation veterans," Klasky said. "Over ten to fifteen thousand native people went to the island to bring national and international attention to the conditions of American Indian tribes."

Mind the gap
Professor of Management Ron Purser discussed the application of mindfulness practices to business and other disciplines in an April 21 Macleans article. "Mindfulness in Buddhist tradition is to transform one’s sense of self; it’s not about attaining personal goals attached to personal desires; the goal is to liberate oneself from greed, ill will and delusion, not to achieve stress reduction," Purser said. "In their rush to secularize it, they’ve turned it into a technique divorced from ethical responsibility or commitment… Is it a means of helping employees adapt to a toxic culture, rather than calling into question the fundamental reasons why stress is being generated in that toxic culture?"


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