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Volume 60, Number 25    March 4, 2013         

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Performance options
Professor of Management John Sullivan commented on the announcement by Yahoo! management that forbids work at home for a Feb. 26 New York Times article. "If you want innovation, then you need interaction," Sullivan said. "If you want productivity, then you want people working from home."

Educational options
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Operations Brian Beatty wrote a Feb. 25 blog entry for The Evolllution recounting the successes of SF State's hybrid course delivery system dubbed HyFlex. "The HyFlex approach allows a faculty member or an entire program to provide the best of both modes — classroom and online — in the same class, to the same set of students, using the same set of resources for both," Beatty wrote. "It does take an investment to develop the skills, materials and specific implementation plan for an organization (certainly, there are challenges), but the additional value delivered to students, especially busy working adult students, is exceptional."

Management fusion
Professor of Management Ronald Purser and Jazz Studies Lecturer Andrew Speight were featured on CCTV's Biz Asia program for their Jazz@Work project, which uses jazz music as a metaphor for high performance organizations. "A jazz ensemble does that (balances teamwork with creativity) every day, every time they get together. They have the 'magic' and trying to decode that magic and understand the principles that are operating is a great model," Purser said. "The capacity for self expression is not at odds with the need for collaboration." Speight added that "it really starts with what is in the musician's mind" and that the key is "being able to listen very effectively and then know when the right time is to interject -- and sometimes it is to support (their fellow musician)."


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