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Volume 60, Number 20    January 28, 2013         

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Daily discovery
Film Archivist Alex Cherian explained his work reviewing and cataloguing the history of the Bay Area's local TV news footage for an NBC Bay Area Jan. 16 report. Holding up a 16mm film canister labeled "We'll Do It Ourselves," Cherian said, "We'll do what ourselves? We'll do political reform ourselves? We'll knock down a building ourselves? I literally have no idea until I open this up and have a look."

Economic interlude
Professor of Jazz Studies Dianthe Spencer commented on the effect of the economic recession on live music venues for a Jan.16 East Bay Express article, stating that lack of opportunity drives musicians to other, larger cities and that lack of available musicians further impacts the ability of venues to stay afloat. "All live music in recent years has experienced challenges due to the downturn in the economy," said Spencer. "Jazz is just one of many genres facing audience challenges."

Upward struggle
Dean of the College of Business Linda Oubre contributed to the Watermark blog with a Jan. 7 post about the challenges faced by women of color. "As women of color in America, we live the burden of trying to break many barriers and many glass ceilings. No one knows how painful this burden can be, especially in corporate America and in the halls of our nation’s institutes of higher education," Oubre wrote. "As leaders in business leadership education, the change starts with us. It starts at home with the students we educate, the faculty and staff we employ, and the culture we nurture."


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