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Volume 60, Number 24    February 25, 2013         

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Recreational challenge
Professor of Recreation, Parks and Tourism Nina Roberts was included in an "Up and Coming" feature in the January 2013 issue of the journal Parks & Recreation. "Whether discussing parks, adventure, sports, health, entertainment, or technology, demographic shifts of seismic proportions are forcing new alliances within our communities," Roberts said. "Research must result in pragmatic approaches to park management and developing recreation policy that leads to more action and meaningful change. Increasing culturally relevant experiences (that are) optimal for deep civic engagement, is absolutely vital."

Reform barriers
Associate Professor of Anthropology James Quesada wrote a guest editorial for the Feb. 14 issue of the SF Mission District bilingual weekly, El Tecolote. "Both parties’ ideas for immigration reform are actually warmed-over arguments, disguised as reasonable policies of social inclusion. Some ideas included are: not everyone is eligible; mandatory return to home country to receive permission and get in the back of the line; payment of fees and back taxes; and ineligibility for state assistance of any kind," Quesada wrote. "A bipartisan blueprint for immigration will inevitably involve rhetoric of inclusion while erecting innumerable hurdles that will reproduce the Jim Crow legislation that legally disenfranchised Black Americans, rendering them second-class citizens."

A different pitch
History Lecturer Mark Sigmon's class "The History and Literature of Baseball" was the subject of a Feb. 17 San Francisco Chronicle article. "I've lectured on the history of labor, and my students get sort of glassy-eyed," Sigmon said, noting that the class has attracted dozens of students. "History allows us to figure out why people did what they did in the past - and if we can really understand the forces at work, then we can do it better."


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