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Volume 60, Number 29    April 8, 2013         

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Recovered memory
Assistant Professor of Asian American Studies Jonathan H.X. Lee was interviewed for a March 28 California Watch article about Cambodian American youth confronting "historical forgetting" in their community. "Caught in the process of historical forgetting" is how Lee describes the post traumatic stress endured by first-generation Cambodian refugees in Long Beach, many of whom settled in dilapidated public housing projects and were "left to fend for themselves." He added that the result was "many young people disassociated themselves from their own ethnic heritage and identity. They called themselves 'Asian American' if they wanted to succeed."

Buzz kill
Professor of Biology John Hafernik spoke in an April 2 WGN Radio 720 interview about possible reasons for bee population declines. "One of the things that has come to the forefront recently is the use of a systemic insecticide, which means it gets taken up by the plant and translocated throughout the plant, even into the pollen and nectar," Hafernik said."(But) it's pretty much still a mystery, the basic explanation usually is that it's probably caused by a variety of factors acting together, perhaps these pesticide exposures, the mites -- the mites also are vectors for viral diseases… the fungal diseases and perhaps even the parasite that we discovered here that causes some strange behaviors."

Fatal impact
Associate Professor of Geography and Human Environmental Studies Jason Henderson commented on the bureaucratic obstacles to increasing pedestrian safety in San Francisco in a March 31 San Francisco Examiner report. "We go on and on and on about planning, but that’s not the problem," Henderson said. "The real issue is that these plans never get implemented, and when they do they’re completely watered down."


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