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Volume 60, Number 28    April 2, 2013         

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Being green
The career of Greenhouse Manager Martin Grantham was featured in a March 26 San Francisco Chronicle article. "We grow plants useful for illustrating principles of plant biology. The plants can be checked out for classroom use - like a living library. We also help student and faculty researchers grow their experimental plants," Grantham said. "The plant world is so big that no one can ever master it. There's still a lot of species undescribed, unknown. In my travels, I still encounter new plants. I really like going to a place I haven't been and letting myself absorb the flora. Seeing what's there and how it interacts with other organisms and its habitat."

Onward and upward
KRON4 TV interviewed President Les Wong on a wide range of topics for a March 24 broadcast. "San Francisco State University has an incredible population of young people, faculty and staff that are really talented -- I think of us as San Francisco's talent bank," Wong said. He added that online education, "for me is one of many strategies... I'm more worried about the ecosystem of technology on campus so that all of our students develop well-trained skills… the faculty really have their hands on the quality question."

Shifting ground
Professor of Political Science Robert C. Smith commented on recent acceptance of gay marriage by Republican Senator Rob Portman for a March 16 NBC Bay Area report. "The Republican Party is still overwhelmingly opposed to same-sex marriage," Smith said, adding that politicians are not always swayed by family members coming out. "Briefs filed by (former vice president) Cheney and other prominent Republicans… make it more likely that the (Supreme) Court -- Justice Kennedy, in particular -- will swing toward acceptance of same-sex marriage."


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