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Volume 60, Number 31    April 22, 2013         

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Grants lag
Associate Professor of Biology Kimberly Tanner commented for an April 15 ScienceDaily article about a study she co-authored that showed the training and funding of science faculty with education specialties (SFES) vary considerably from one college or university to another. "One of the main pieces of advice that SFES in this study would give to upcoming SFES would be to get training especially in science education...and yet what our study shows is that it's perhaps not yet providing an advantage in grant competitions," Tanner said. There is still a "tension point between trying to integrate issues of social science -- which is what science education and teaching and learning is -- into traditional science departments. I think this disconnect between training and funding may be an indicator of that tension point."

All American history
Dean of the College of Ethnic Studies Kenneth Monteiro discussed the challenges faced by ethnic studies departments across the country for an April 14 report in Diverse Issues in Higher Education. "What you have in Arizona (laws targeting Tucson school's curriculum) is causing people to fear that ethnic studies is subversive. When in fact, it is the American experience of people of color and dates back to our ancestors," Monteiro said. "They (ethnic studies departments at other colleges) don’t know whether they will exist next year. (They fear that) budgetary decisions could wipe out the intellectual and cultural traditions of everyone, not just Whites."


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