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Volume 60, Number 30    April 15, 2013         

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Natural coexistence
Biology Lecturer Mike Vasey commented in the April 9 San Jose Mercury News about a habitat restoration project he, Professor of Biology Tom Parker and a graduate student are working on at Pedro Point Headlands in Pacifica. "It's all about understanding the area. As long as we work alongside what's made a home here, control the erosion and the invasives, [the land] can support native species," Vasey said of the effort to restore original habitat while protecting newer growth and species. "This is going to be the hot spot of the Peninsula within the next couple of years. It's important we get this healing process down first."

Level headed
In an April 8 Marin Independent Journal op-ed, Professor Emeritus of Education Mark Phillips wrote about the importance of critical thinking when reading media reports about tragic events like school shootings. "Three tragic shooting sprees… generated highly emotional responses. In each case the mass media provided significant misinformation that fueled the emotionality and interfered with effective responses," Phillips wrote. "Raising a generation of students who are able to respond critically and rationally to these events, and resist the manipulation that feeds both emotionality and ignorance, will help create an informed electorate that can respond more effectively to solving the attendant problems


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