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Volume 59, Number 37    May 21 , 2012        

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Grants and Contracts

SF State received $778,799 in grants and contracts in April 2012.

Anupama Manchikanti Gomez, Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality, A Couple-Level Approach to Preventing Unintended Pregnancy among Young Latinas, National Institutes of Health, $90,000

Julie Chronister, Counseling, Functional Social Support, National Institutes of Health, $468,086

Ahmad Ganji, Engineering, Energy Efficiency Assessment -- Third Party Review, California Air Resources Board, $75,000

Rita Melendez, Sexuality Studies, Online Health Records, PIMSA Health Initiative of the Americas, $3,000

Paul Sherwin, Foreign Languages and Literatures, 2012 SF State Persian-Dari summer program, National Security Language Initiative/STARTALK, $98,984

Patrick Wasley, University Police, 2012 Homeland Security Grant Program, California Emergency Medical Agency, $29,667

Wenshen Pong, Engineering, Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) National Science Foundation (NSF) Scholarship: Bill, NSF, $6,812

Wenshen Pong, Engineering, MESA NSF Scholarship: Hardesty-DeMenge, National Science Foundation, $3,125

Wenshen Pong, Engineering, MESA NSF Scholarship: Williams, National Science Foundation, $1,000

Wenshen Pong, Engineering, MESA NSF Scholarship: Scott, National Science Foundation, $3,125


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