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Volume 59, Number 27    March 12, 2012         

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Election expectations
Professor of Political Science Robert C. Smith was interviewed by New America Media for a March 2 article about key issues for African-American voters in 2012. "I think the real wedge issue in the election will be Obama himself. This campaign will be more explicitly racialized than the last one," Smith said. "The value of the Obama presidency is almost wholly symbolism… (because) the first person of any ethnic group who wins the presidency has to go out of his way to demonstrate to the majority that he will not show any kind of favoritism toward his particular group.

Tech turnaround
Professor of Management Sally Baack commented on the continuing layoffs and restructuring at Silicon Valley giant Yahoo for a March 5 KTSF television report. "It comes at a tough time. We need this company to succeed. We need to see real success," Baack said. "If these cuts are at the right areas and enable resources to be diverted toward more profitable growth streams in the future, hopefully, there will be a rosy outcome at the end of this."

Deep demands
Assistant Professor of Geosciences Jason Gurdak commented in a for a March 6 report about the impact climate change will have on groundwater. "It is clear that groundwater will play a critical role in society’s adaption to climate change," said Gurdak. "In many ways, California is leading the way in developing solutions. Artificial recharge, managed storage and recovery projects and low impact development around the state will become more important for many local water systems to bank excess water in aquifers."


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