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Volume 59, Number 22    February 6, 2012         

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Seeking supporters
Professor of Political Science Robert Smith commented for a Jan. 29 KGO-TV segment on President Obama's recent speech calling for accountability in college tuition. "This is campaigning, it's not governing," Smith said. "He was speaking to one of his biggest constituents -- college students -- and made an appeal to them, trying to gather their support for the fall election."

Wild impacts
Professor Emeritus of Biology Jan Randall commented on risks to Colorado wildlife caused by oil and gas development for a Jan. 29 article in The Durango Herald. "So, the oil companies are just making a ton of money, and the environment is suffering the cost. It’s huge," Randall said. "The crux of the matter is not stopping everything, but doing what we’re doing in a more responsible way – taking into account the environmental impacts."

Does money buy happiness?
Assistant Professor of Psychology Ryan Howell discussed his recent happiness study for a Jan. 27 article in News Track India. "We know that being an 'experience shopper' is linked to greater well-being," Howell said. "Even for people who naturally find themselves drawn to material purchases, our results suggest that getting more of a balance between traditional purchases and those that provide you with an experience could lead to greater life satisfaction and well-being."

Career discovery
Associate Professor of Mathematics Mariel Vazquez was profiled as an emerging scholar in the Jan. 5 print issue (Jan. 20 Web issue) of Diverse Issues in Higher Education. "I loved math but didn't think becoming a mathematician was a career option," Vazquez said. "A friend and I went (to a lecture about knot theory and DNA). It was intimidating, and I felt overwhelmed by all that information. I didn’t understand most of it, but that day I discovered what I wanted to do."


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