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Volume 59, Number 23    February 13, 2012         

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Influencing Russia
Professor of International Relations Andrei P. Tsygankov wrote a Feb. 3 Russia Profile article about the upcoming Russian elections. "Putin’s attempts to call the United States on exploiting the democracy promotion rhetoric for power advantages tend to fall on deaf ears" because it sounds like an excuse to continue stealing votes and enriching clans, Tsygankov explained. Securing a Putin victory in the first round is seen as a bulwark against U.S. influence, he added, but "just the opposite may happen: the less than decisive 'victory' may broaden the protest inside the country and provide the United States with ammunition to pressure Russia."

App ahoy
Professor of Geosciences and Director of the Romberg Tiburon Center (RTC) Toby Garfield discussed the RTC-created "Bay Currents" app for a Feb. 5 Marin Independent Journal article. "We thought it would be interesting to develop an app to give people information in real time," Garfield said of the free app that provides wind and current information. "The app should be very helpful to kayakers and day sailors because it helps them see the currents."

Changes in attitude
Assistant Professor of Social Work Rashmi Gupta discussed her studies focused on attitudes about elderly care in South Asian communities for a Jan. 31 India Currents report. Regarding eldercare, "People will say, 'This is our tradition -- whether here or in India. It's our tradition to provide care to the elderly. It's written in our dharma, in our epics, in our holy books,'" Gupta said. Since the 2005 founding the Aging In Asia Interest Group within the Gerontological Society of America, interest in the field has grown. "We started with 20 academics and practitioners a few years ago, and now we have 55 to 60 steady members," Gupta added.


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