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Volume 59, Number 30    April 2, 2012         

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Whistle whilst you work
The work of Assistant Professor of Special Education Susan Courey was featured in a March 22 Irish Independent report and a March 28 article in the San Francisco Chronicle. Courey has found that music and rhythm can help children improve their math skills. "If students don't understand fractions early on, they often struggle with algebra and mathematical reasoning later in their schooling. We have designed a method that uses gestures and symbols to help children understand parts of a whole and learn the academic language of math," Courey said. Fractions become something fun, "the kids don't think they're really doing math."

Appetite for adventure
Assistant Professor of Cinema Julian Hoxter discussed The Hunger Games for a March 24 article in the Daily Democrat. "She's a strong, independent, Amazonian-type leader yet she's also dealing with the confusions of growing up, and that appeals to young people," Hoxter said of the protagonist. "Adults can appreciate that she is a much more proactive, political and powerful character than (Twilight heroine) Bella Swan. She's Bella with a bow and arrow. She's (Harry Potter heroine) Hermione Granger as a lead."

Fostering success
The Guardian Scholars program was the subject of a March 26 San Francisco Chronicle feature which also quoted Director of the Guardian Scholars Program Xochitl Sanchez-Zarama. "You can always spot the guardian scholars on move-in day; Guardian scholars are the ones dropped off on the curb by a taxi or a social worker," Sanchez-Zarama said. "Maybe they get a handshake or a pat on the back, and they are carrying what little they have in a Hefty bag or cardboard box, while everyone else is hugging their parents and waving goodbye."


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