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Volume 58, Number 32    May 2, 2011         

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Healthful bathing
The Spring 2011 issue of National Parks Conservation Association Magazine featured Assistant Professor of Biology Vance Vredenburg's use of a bacterial bath to save yellow-legged frogs from the deadly fungal menace chytridiomycosis. "These are the most pristine areas we have, yet… you see no life, not even a tadpole," Vredenburg said. "These systems can bounce back if we just give them the chance to do it."

Stinkers studied
The April 22 issue of the Pacific Sun featured an interview with Biology Lecturer Jonathan Stern, recognized to be the leading researcher of the notoriously hard to study minke whales. "Minkes are the smallest and fastest baleen whales. They change direction all the time. We call them slinky, dinky minke… Minkes make lousy things to look for in the ocean," Stern said. "I know what to look for. There are places where the minkes have a tendency to hang out… You can sometimes smell them before you see them. It smells like overcooked broccoli. Stinky minke."

Marching tall
The Bay Area Reporter's April 21 issue reports that Associate Professor of Political Science Aaron Belkin will be a community grand marshal in the upcoming San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. "As a community we just won one of the greatest civil rights battles in our history," Belkin said of the December 2010 bill to repeal the ban on gays serving openly in the military. "This is a moment to take pride in that, and celebrate that victory."


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