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Volume 58, Number 27    March 21, 2011         

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Ranked choice may increase Asian clout
Political Science Lecturer David Lee was interviewed for a March 15 San Francisco Examiner report on the upcoming mayoral race in San Francisco. The combination of ranked choice voting, three Asian American candidates and the tendency of Asian-for-Asian voting blocs to form may give the group greater sway than usual, he said: "It's a vote that’s large enough now that every candidate in the race will attempt to court. It's too large a vote to ignore. It's a vote large enough to swing elections."

More people, same quakes
A March 13 National Public Radio report about the massive earthquake that struck Japan quoted Professor of Geosciences Raymond Pestrong's explanation of why natural disasters are sometimes perceived to be more common than in the past. "The reason that we hear so much more about natural disasters today is that people are flocking into large cities more," Pestrong says. "Lots of the large cities are in very vulnerable areas. When an event happens, it affects more people."

Union fates uncertain?
In a March 11 opinion piece published in the U.K. newspaper The Guardian, Associate Professor and Director of labour Studies John Logan discusses the legislative conflicts taking place in the Midwestern states. "Republicans have put labour rights back on the political agenda," Logan wrote. "The real challenge facing the labour movement is to create the same clear focus around the issue of labour rights in the private sector, and to get the Obama administration to adopt workplace rights as an important part of its platform in 2012."


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