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Volume 58, Number 21    February 7, 2011         

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Ants decoded
Assistant Professor of Biology Christopher D. Smith's work deciphering ant genomes was featured in a Feb. 1 San Francisco Chronicle report. "We now have blueprints for understanding the genetic basis of behavior in the Argentine ants," Smith said, "We've found the genes for determining their development as queens and worker ants, for how queen ants produce chemicals that prevent ant larvae from developing into adults, and for their resistance to toxic chemicals."

Long road
Associate Professor of Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts Dina Ibrahim was interviewed for a Feb. 2 San Francisco Chronicle report on widespread Egyptian protests. "…People in Egypt don't want this to turn into a bloodbath. We've come a long way in the past week, but even for the people in the streets that is not enough," Ibrahim said. "And while a lot of people demonstrating are young, this is not a 'young people' revolution. We've been whining about this for as long as I can remember."

Stopping brain drain
Professor of Biology Frank Bayliss and the Student Enrichment Opportunities Office (SEO) were featured in a Jan. 30 "CBS Sunday Morning" segment on the American brain drain caused by American-educated persons returning to their native countries. SEO combats this trend by increasing opportunity and support for first-generation college students who might otherwise not have the time or resources to reach their potential. "I had a couple (of SEO students) come in to me the other day and say, 'I got straight-As. I've never gotten that before, because I've never had the opportunity just to study,'" Bayliss said.


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