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Volume 58, Number 29    April 11, 2011         

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Libyan struggle
Assistant Professor of International Relations Mahmood Monshipouri analyzed the difficulties involved in ending the violence in Libya and formulating an effective "end game" in an April 4 Tehran Times op-ed. "Unlike Tunisia and Egypt, which are ethnically homogenous and modern nation-states, Libya represents a difficult and highly complex case..." Monshipouri wrote. On western involvement and the NATO mission, Monshipouri added, "While the status quo in Libya is no longer sustainable, it is important to avoid getting embroiled in yet another military adventure that could cause more harm than good."

Tempest in a check-box
An April 4 Los Angeles Times opinion piece quoted Professor of Political Science Robert Smith regarding President Obama's decision to check only the "black" box of his census form, rather than also checking others to reflect his multi-racial heritage. "Obama made the politically correct choice. If he had come to Chicago calling himself multiracial, he would have had no political career," Smith said. "And I think if he called himself multiracial now, black people would see it as a betrayal."

Helping gay youth
Director of the Family Acceptance Project Caitlin Ryan was interviewed for an April 5 In Denver Times report on how families can help gay children. "Prior to this research, there were just a lot of misconceptions about how families might react to a gay, lesbian or transgendered child… based on how families might have reacted 10 to 20 years ago. But just as society has been changing, families have been changing as well," Ryan said. "It's important for families to see what can happen with just a little bit of acceptance."


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