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Volume 57, Number 23    February 22, 2010         

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Tape delayed
In a Feb. 17 Sacramento Bee article, Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts professors Miriam Smith and Elaine Chan discussed NBC's reasoning for tape delaying its Olympic coverage on the West Coast. "It really suits those with anxiety disorders who don't want the stress of not knowing who's going to win," Smith said. "But for most people, it ruins the whole thing." Chan added, "People generally like more flexibility. With social media and online news, none of that is waiting for the West to catch up."

Maintaining ethnic identification
Associate Professor of Psychology Linda Juang was featured in the San Francisco Examiner's 3-minute interview on Feb. 16. Juang's research has shown that families who continue to emphasize ethnic identity with their children past age 18, are positively affecting their children. "It is beneficial ... in terms of [one’s] feelings about themselves," Juang said. "There is more life satisfaction [and] self-esteem, and less depression. Humans are social. We need to feel like we belong to a group. We need that to survive."

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