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Volume 57, Number 20    February 1, 2010          

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Discussing Haiti
In a Jan. 25 ABC-7 story, Professor of History Abdiel Onate discussed U.S. involvement in Haiti following the devastating earthquake there. The story referenced protesters in San Francisco who said the U.S. is occupying Haiti, rather than just helping. Onate dismissed the protesters saying the U.S. was not occupying Haiti. "Initially any intervention of any form you need to have information," Onate said of drone plane flights over the country. "I wouldn't espouse a conspiracy theory to control Haiti because there is not much investment in Haiti."

Banks and bailouts
In a Jan. 21 KCBS radio interview, Associate Professor of Management Sally Baack discussed new legislation introduced by the Obama administration to regulate banks and financial institutions. "I think we see a pretty stark failure of leadership in banks and financial institutions to respond appropriately to their prior failures," Baack said. "I think that probably the government and general public had hoped that with the great bailout and increased pressure on banks that they would in effect police themselves, and own up to some of the responsibilities to turn them in a different direction. This proposed legislation aims to protect the government's investment on the part of taxpayers."

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