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Volume 57, Number 31    April 26, 2010          

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Discussing Black Poetry
In an April 19 National Public Radio interview, Associate Professor of Creative Writing Camille Dungy read from the recently released anthology, "Black Nature: Four Centuries of African-American Nature Poetry," which she edited. Dungy read poems and discussed the significance of her "first-of-a-kind" anthology. "The way that the tradition of nature poetry has taken off in America in particular is often about a pastoral landscape, a very idealized rural landscape, or a wilderness landscape in which people are involved," Dungy said. "And black people have been typically working in the land, and that's not part of the idyllic version of things. And then also the majority of African-Americans have tended to live in urban landscapes, and so there's a very different view, quite often, of the natural world."

Throwing down the gauntlet
In an April 18 story in the Contra Costa Times, Professor of Communication Studies Joseph Tuman discussed the impact of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown challenging Republican hopefuls Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner to a debate. Poizner accepted and Whitman declined. Tuman noted that Brown was "smart to force his name into the political conversation. At the same time, it was a no-brainer for Whitman to reject the debate,” Tuman said. "There's no reason to give Brown an opportunity to put him in the news cycle. She wants to make him spend his money."


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