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Volume 56, Number 37    May 25, 2009         

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Documenting a city's history
The San Francisco Examiner's 3-minute interview on May 20 featured Associate Professor of History Philip Dreyfus. Dreyfus discussed his new book "Our Better Nature: Environment and the Making of San Francisco," which documents the land where San Francisco sits from the time of the Native Americans to the present. He said, "I see it as a consciousness-raising book. By examining the way cities are created and the relationship these cities have to the external natural environment, readers can become more conscious of the fact that we make real decisions, not just a mechanical process that takes place without anyone deciding anything."

Discussing job anxiety
In a May 16 New York Times article, Professor of Counseling Robert Chope discussed the increase in patients speaking to counselors and therapists about job-related concerns. Chope, who is president of the employment counseling division of the American Counseling Association, said the way job-related counseling is viewed has changed with the economic downturn. "It used be seen as not ‘real’ mental health work." Now there is more recognition that job issues "have a huge mental health component," he said, and a "stronger move to understand the context of jobs, toxic co-workers and the ramifications of massive layoffs."


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