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Volume 56, Number 27    March 16, 2009         

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Early mandates
In a March 9 Washington Examiner article, Professor of Communications Joseph Tuman commented on the Obama administration's early policy announcements. "For some of these problems, while consensus building is important, Obama views the election, and the size of his victory, as a mandate, which he also equates as a public consensus," Tuman said. "He feels he already has permission to do it."

Saving money, hurting business
In a March 8 Cleveland Plain Dealer article, Professor of Management John Sullivan discussed the increasing use of furloughs by companies looking to save money in tough economic times. He said companies can inadvertently push away their best employees by using forced time off without pay. "A manager who furloughs all the employees instead of culling out the poor performers and rewarding the top people is an idiot," Sullivan said. "Managers have tools they can use, metrics. If they aren't lazy and actually use these, they won't kick good people out along with the bad ones."

Examining health disparities
Caitlin Ryan
, principle investigator of the Family Acceptance Project, commented on difficulties lesbians face when seeking health care in a March 7 San Francisco Chronicle article. Ryan noted that a history of negative experiences with health professionals has affected the health of lesbians and how they seek medical care. "Social stress has an enormous impact on their health," said Ryan. "Many avoid going to doctors -- a significant portion of lesbians have had negative experiences with health providers who didn't want to work with them or provided rough or inappropriate care. As a result, the women avoid medical care until their health problems become very serious."

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