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Volume 56, Number 26    March 9, 2009         

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Politics of Parking
Assistant Professor of Geography Jason Henderson was featured in the San Francisco Examiner's three-minute interview on March 4. Henderson's research revealed a struggle between different factions in San Francisco regarding parking. "You have neoconservative groups who say that the government should require more street parking and more room for cars," he said. "Neoliberals think the government should eliminate parking-rate minimums and maximums and let the market determine parking prices and spots. And there are the progressives, who want the government to eliminate parking spots and to actively transform the city into a transit-first area."

Passing on geology
Assistant Professor of Geology Mary Leech was profiled in a March 1 edition of The Almanac. Leech's work involves researching the formation of the Himalayas. Leech, who recently earned a CAREER grant from the National Science Foundation, will begin a program in the fall that aims to teach geology to third through sixth graders. "Earth science is a good way of introducing kids to science because it's so interactive and hands-on," she said. "There are really some very pretty rocks and minerals, colorful things (and) dinosaurs. When I meet a kid who's interested in geology, it's usually one of those things."

Selling an image
In a Feb. 28 Contra Costa Times story, Marketing Lecturer Jan Aherns commented on businesses who were profiting off the image of President Barack Obama. Aherns said associating a company with a brand can have its downfalls. "There is an upside and a downside to associating with any brand character, be it Tony the Tiger or Obama," Ahrens said. "If a Bay Area company associates themselves with a celebrity, the danger is that... as soon as their character goes downhill, so does your company and services."

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